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December 3, 2022
Ham College 95 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 33
E7C Filters and matching networks: types of networks, types of filters, filter applications, filter characteristics, impedance matching, DSP filtering. 51:19
November 12, 2022
AmateurLogic 175: Oh The Humanity
Kay Savitz, K6KJN joins us to discuss the Internet special project that’s creating a huge online arena of Ham Radio resources. Learn what’s available and how you can enjoy it for years to come. Tommy updates us on the latest version of the VC4SL battery charger. Emile’s got the scoop on Pi-Star’s Brandmeister DMR API update. Plus a short tribute to our good friend and a truly great Ham, Andy Anderson, AA0WX. 1:25:44
October 29, 2022
Ham College 94 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 32
E7B Amplifiers:(part 2 of 2) Class of operation, vacuum tube and solid-state circuits, distortion and intermodulation, spurious and parasitic suppression, microwave amplifiers, switching-type amplifiers. 54:01
October 15, 2022
AmateurLogic 174: 17 Year Anniversary
Join the AmateurLogic crew as we celebrate 17 years. Announcing the winner of the Icom IC-705 portable transceiver and MFJ 8-Band Compact Antenna package. RSP Spectrum Analyzer, Open-Weather on-line satellite image decoder, Irwin Vice Grip Wire Strippers, and a visit from Peter, VK3PB. 1:19:42
October 1, 2022
Ham College 93 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 31
E7B Amplifiers:(part 1 of 2) Class of operation, vacuum tube and solid-state circuits, distortion and intermodulation, spurious and parasitic suppression, microwave amplifiers, switching-type amplifiers. 1:11:47
September 17, 2022
AmateurLogic 173: Space Age Hamfest
Huntsville Hamfest was back full strength this year and we visited with lots of friends. Here’s our wrap up of the 2022 Huntsville Hamfest. Also, AmateurLogic.TV celebrates 17 years October 15, 2022. We’ve teamed up with Icom America and MFJ again for another great anniversary contest. Prizes include an Icom IC-705 transceiver, MFJ 8-band compact HF Antenna and Power Supply. Get all the details on how you can register to win. 2:50:00
August 28, 2022
Ham College 92 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 30
E7A Digital circuits: digital circuit principles and logic circuits, classes of logic elements, positive and negative logic, frequency dividers, truth tables. 1:03:53
August 13, 2022
AmateurLogic 172: Cheap Hacks for Your Shack
A super cheap Hotspot. Thrifty Old Digital Update Roundup. Modding Pi-Star to include M-17. DVMega Globetrotter opens up your digital possibilities. 1:16:00
July 30, 2022
Ham College 91 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 29
E6F Electro-optical technology: photoconductivity, photovoltaic devices, optical sensors and encoders, optical isolation. 50:38
July 16, 2022
AmateurLogic 171: Field Day 2022
Field Day up North. Field Day down South. A Rockin Field Day out West. Cheap Old Field Day segment. An Apocalyptic Field day. 1:34:04
July 2, 2022
Ham College 90 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 28
E6E Analog ICs: MMICs, IC packaging characteristics 42:03
June 18, 2022
AmateurLogic 170: Emile’s Cheap Old Hamvention
Old Man. Follow George and Emile as they explore Hamvention 2022. Mike continues his controversial discussion with ‘To Ground, or Not To Ground’. Tommy shows how to use ‘Terminal Mode’ for easy D-Star network communications without a repeater or hotspot. 1:52:40
May 28, 2022
Ham College 89 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 27
E6D Toroidal and Solenoidal Inductors: permeability, core material, selecting, winding, transformers, piezoelectric devices. 56:54
May 14, 2022
AmateurLogic 169: Not Another Friday The 13th
Driving a ground rod using water. Windows 3.0, GEOS, CPM, GEM and MS-DOS on a microcontroller. APRS FI explored. On our way to Dayton. 1:07:42
April 30, 2022
Ham College 88 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 26
E6C Digital ICs: Families of digital ICs, gates, Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs). 51:15
April 16, 2022
AmateurLogic 168: Type ‘N’, VarAC Chat, Bluetooth Photos
A new type Type ‘N’ connector installed. VarAC enhanced Chat client. Transferring photos over the air from a bluetooth phone. 1:16:02
April 2, 2022
Ham College 87 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 25
E6B Diodes 50:11
March 19, 2022
AmateurLogic 167: AmateurLogic Unbagged
George explores a Jameco Electonics Grab Bag. Mike installs Dragon OS Pi 64. Tom Apalenek, WA2IVD visits Quartzfest 2022. Tommy reviews the B3603 Power Controller. Importance of ESR in Capacitor Testing. 1:40:40
February 26, 2022
Ham College 86 - Extra Class Exam Questions - Part 24
E6A Semiconductor materials and devices: semiconductor materials; germanium, silicon, P-type, N-type; transistor types: NPN, PNP, junction, field-effect transistors: enhancement mode; depletion mode; MOS; CMOS; N-channel; P-channel
February 19, 2022
AmateurLogic 166: All This and Cheap Too
Emile and Glen build the DigiPi Project. George explores Vic20 on an ESP32 microcontroller. Tommy’s quick ID52A Setup guide. UK Rum Butter at Tea Time. 1:32:23

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