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November 17, 2018
AmateurLogic 123: Turkey Time
Part 1 of George’s DTMF Radio Control project. Tommy with Easy D-Star Programming using CSV files. Emile supports TourDeCure Nawlins. And another AmateurLogic Foreign Food Taste Test featuring Rum Butter from the UK. 1:29:28
October 27, 2018
HamCollege 46
General Amateur Radio Exam part 17. Solar Propagation Effects, Delta Loop and Log Periodic Antennas. 54:28
October 14, 2018
AmateurLogic 122: ALTV’s 13th Anniversary
As one of the first video podcasts period, AmateurLogic.TV celebrates 13 years this month. Tommy builds the SDR Pi. Emile discusses the Internet of Cheap Old Things. George exposes Harmonic Distortion. Jim joins the party and shows us the interesting projects he’s been working on. We announce the winner of our 13th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Sarah Clark, K4EMT will be receiving an Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver, MFJ-4230DMP power supply, Heil Sound iCM microphone and BM-17 headset, MFJ ‘Big Stick’ antenna and RG8X coax, Gordon West amateur license study guide, and a pair of AmateurLogic Faux Gold PL-259 connectors. Thanks to Icom, MFJ, Heil Sound & Gordon West Radio School for making this possible. 1:51:14
October 1, 2018
HamCollege 45
General Amateur Radio Exam part 16. More Skywaves and more HF Antennas. 01:24:31
September 15, 2018
AmateurLogic 121: Hamfests from Huntsville to Tokyo
In this episode we cover a few new products and fun at Huntsville Hamfest and Tokyo Hamfair. 1:42:00
August 31, 2018
HamCollege 44
General Amateur Radio Exam part 15. Skywaves, MUF, more HF Antennas.
August 14, 2018
AmateurLogic 120: Raspberry Pi for PC & Mac
George installs Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC and Mac. Tommy visits John Amodeo on the new set of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing. Watch it come together. Emile shows the long awaited, multifunction, PiClock. October will be ALTV’s 13th Anniversary. We are celebrating with another contest. Get all the details here. 1:21:16
July 28, 2018
HamCollege 43
General Amateur Radio Exam part 14. Emergency Communications, Skywaves, Yagi Antennas. 53:58
July 17, 2018
AmateurLogic 119: Field Day 2018
Join the AmateurLogic crew for Field Day 2018. We assembled and raised a Hex Beam, Cobweb, and Off Center Fed Dipole this year. Jocelyn Brault, KD8VRX/VA2VRX talks about licensing requirements for operating in another country and Field Day at VOA. Arne Carlsson, K5ARN/SA7CAR added a little Swedish flavor to the topic. Emile leads the Field Day charge in South Louisiana. Plus it turns out the real Swedish Fish is not a fish at all. It’s a horse! 1:40:14
July 1, 2018
HamCollege 42
General Amateur Radio Exam part 13. Digital Modes pt 5, HF Antennas part 3. 01:00:21
June 6, 2018
AmateurLogic 118: Hamvention 2018 Wrap Up
No matter how many hamfests you’ve visited, it’s hard to top the excitement and variety of gear you’ll find at Hamvention. Join AmateurLogic as we visit Hamvention 2018. We found some unique new products you won’t want to miss. How about a LTE PTT handy talkie that covers all of the US, Canada, or Mexico. Or an Android cellphone with built in DMR radio. We’ve also got the scoop on one of this year’s top food choices. As well as visits and updates from a few friends you’ll recognize. 1:24:47
May 26, 2018
HamCollege 41
General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 12. Digital Modes part 4, HF Antennas part 2. 01:02:16
May 12, 2018
AmateurLogic 117: Sounds of the Studio
How would you describe a particular artifact in someone’s transmit audio so they understand what you are hearing? In Sounds of the Studio, we listen to some common audio problems and effects to see what everyone calls them. Peter shows us some new microcontroller boards designed especially for python. Emile catches a ride on the Ham Shack Hotline, and it’s cheap too. 1:23:56
April 28, 2018
HamCollege 40
General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 11. Digital Modes part 3, HF Antennas part 1. 01:05:41
April 17, 2018
Special Presentation: Clyde Haehnle Remembering WLW & VOA
AmateurLogic.TV Special Presentation: Clyde Haehnle, Remembering WLW 500 KW Super Power and Building VOA Bethany Relay Station. Recorded May 17, 2014 at the National VOA Museum of Broadcasting. Clyde was the last surviving engineer from the WLW 500 KW era. His stories recount some of the major achievements in broadcasting during it’s heyday. 49:13 You will probably also like our special 2013 tour of the VOA Museum.
April 15, 2018
AmateurLogic 116: Friday The 13th
Emile completes the ‘Cheap Old Loop’, Peter loves his FRG-7, Tommy & George experiment with the D-Star apps for iOS and Android with an Icom ID-4100 and Kenwood TH-D74A, Mike joins us for a look at his Inverted VE3MIC OCF Antenna, plus more lots fun and information. 1:27:07
March 24, 2018
HamCollege 39
General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 10. Digital Modes pt 2, Interference. 58:18
March 15, 2018
AmateurLogic 115: Hamfest Acadian Style
Tommy, George and Emile visit the 2018 Acadiana Hamfest in Rayne, LA. Good food, good friends and good times in South Louisiana. We visit with vendors and attendees to find out what makes this event so special. Emile teaches Tommy and George the proper way to eat Crawfish. 1:14:21 of a Hamfest unlike any other.
February 25, 2018
HamCollege 38
General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 9. Digital Modes pt 1, Grounding. 54:03
February 11, 2018
AmateurLogic 114: What’s New with Martin Jue, K5FLU
Peter’s infrared experiments part 2. Tommy’s Active Antenna. Emile’s HF Loop part 1. George at the Capital City Hamfest with Martin Jue(MFJ) and Will Jourdain(Icom). 1:23:13

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