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November 11, 2017
AmateurLogic 111: Some Fella with Blue Teeth
Tommy builds a dummy load with a scope sample port. Peter controls an Arduino from his phone with Bluetooth. George experiments with LED current draw. Emile’s got a new tuner. 1:15:01
October 31, 2017
AmateurLogic 110: MFJ’s 45th Anniversary
It’s MFJ Enterprises 45th Anniversary. Join us in this bonus episode of ALTV for Interesting interviews, tours and fun. 1:45:42
October 30, 2017
HamCollege 34
General Amateur Radio Exam part 5. Volunteer Examiners, good operator practices. Reactance demonstration. 01:02:55
October 14, 2017
AmateurLogic 109: ALTV’s 12th Anniversary
Celebrate ALTV’s 12th Anniversary with us. Emile prepares for a spooky Halloween with Sonic Pi. Unveiling the new RigPi. Mike, VE3MIC updates us on recent projects. Icom/MFJ/Heil Sound/AmateurLogic IC-7300 base station giveaway. 1:40:13
September 23, 2017
Ham College 33
Foreign contacts and third party traffic. Series and parallel Inductors. Inductor demonstration. 01:06:39
September 11, 2017
AmateurLogic 108: Huntsville & A Bit of Everything
A little bit of everything. George visits friends at Huntsville Hamfest, Tommy explores Icom’s IP100H IP Handi Talkies, Emile studies ITU Designations, and Peter discusses recent FT8 Updates. 1:25:27
August 27, 2017
Ham College 32
General Amateur Radio Exam part 3. More on the band plans. Series and parallel capacitors. 01:14:17
August 12, 2017
AmateurLogic 107: FT8, Scope Kit, Pi Zero W
Peter operates the new FT8 Digital Mode from Joe Taylor. Tommy builds the DSO138 Scope Kit. George discusses the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Wayne build an Antenna Tripod. 1:24:08
July 30, 2017
Ham College 31
Join Professor Thomas and Dean Martin for part 2 of our studies on the General Amateur Radio Exam. More on the band plans. Series and parallel resistors. 01:16:15
July 16, 2017
AmateurLogic 106: Field Day At The W5JDX Shack
Field Day At The W5JDX and Ozone Shacks. Peter mods his BitX transceiver. Emile at the Jupiter Light House. And an old school Megger. 1:12:41
July 1, 2017
Ham College 30
Ham College begins studies on the General Amateur Radio Exam. Why upgrade? What’s on the test? 01:19:46
June 13, 2017
AmateurLogic 105: George & Tommy’s Excellent Adventure v2.0
George & Tommy’s Excellent Adventure v2.0. Dayton Hamvention 2017 from a new location. We catch up with longtime ALTV friend and new ham, Jeri Ellsworth. Plus visits with many old and new friends, and interesting new products. 2:11:59
May 27, 2017
Ham College episode 29
Safety part 3 and our final episode covering the Technician Exam Questions. Plus tips on taking your exam. 01:00:46
May 15, 2017
AmateurLogic 104: May Day
Peter upgrades his BitX40. Tommy meets Buster D-Star for the Mac. Emile experiments with D-Rats. George tests the MFJ Receiving Loop Antenna. Plus a New Zealand Taste Test. 1:17:38
April 30, 2017
Ham College episode 28
Safety Part 2 and more Technicians pool questions. 01:00:20
April 16, 2017
AmateurLogic 103: The Un-planned Episode
Tommy repairs his mobile antenna. Emile makes a NOAA Heads Up Alert. Mike builds the Canadian Balun. Peter’s Balloon fails and he repurposes an old laptop screen. Plus all the usual stuff. 1:16:38
March 29, 2017
Ham College episode 27
More Coax, SWR, Dummy Loads and Technicians pool questions. 1:13:42
March 16, 2017
AmateurLogic 102: Cheap Beacon, Fixing Stuff & Jansky
Peter repairs a Laptop Screen, Emile builds a Cheap Beacon, George continues the 433 MHz Saga, and special guest John Ossi, N3DRH has part 2 of 2 on Karl Jansky, the Father of Radio Astronomy. 1:25:58
February 26, 2017
Ham College episode 26
More Coax, SWR, Dummy Loads and Technicians pool questions. 1:13:42
February 12, 2017
AmateurLogic 101: Android RTL, BitX40 & lots more
Tommy explores Android RTL SDR, Peter completes a BitX40 transceiver, Emile takes a Byte of Pi, George talks about tool stores, and special guest John Ossi, N3DRH has part 1 of 2 on Karl Jansky. You won’t want to miss it. 1:23:43

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