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May 27, 2013
lowSWR #36
Happy summer in the North and Happy winter in the South (hemisphere that is). Katherine Elder is turning 90!  Send her a birthday card via: Rich Gordon, PO Box 409, Brighton, CO 80601 Brady’s 30m grabber page http://www.qsl.net/ac0xr/30mgrabber.html The grabber runs on an Intel 2700MUD Talked about the Odroid, Beagle Bone Black, MK808, Pogo Plug […]
December 9, 2012
lowSWR #35
It took me 2 months to post this.  I am a slacker! KD0RG’s linux disc for ham radio folks hamos.lowswr.com Amateur Radio Supplies Youth Giveaway (NO, they are not giving kids away) http://radioartisan.wordpress.com/ KE9V article on youth in amateur radio No-kids-no-lids-no-space-cadets ARVN (Amateur Radio Video News) is now HamRadioNow.tv Find deals on Craigslist   Just search […]
September 29, 2012
lowSWR #34
We hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter)! BONUS ITEM N4JA Antenna Book Linear loaded dipole LINKS TO PDF The K4VX Linear-Loaded Dipole for 7 MHz PDF Swains Island DXpedition Hector CO6CBF http://www.uk.amsat.org/?p=3049 The Moxon antenna http://www.moxonantennaproject.com/ Bob Locher’s (W9KNI) books http://www.idiompress.com/books.php Club Log Logbook of the World lowSWR_034.mp3
August 2, 2012
lowSWR #33
We recorded this a while back. I guess it’s better late than never! The WWV audio is on this page. Click on the clock. http://www.lownoiserecords.com/wwv_the_tick.html This Week in Radio Tech will go through some changes. http://www.thisweekinradiotech.com/ Learn Python Course at http://www.pythonlearn.com/ …or Learn Python the Hard Way at http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/ Hello World book at http://helloworldbookblog.com/ Summits […]
July 1, 2012
lowSWR #32
Hello Fellow Amchoors! Carole Perry WB2MGP has put on the Dayton Youth Forum for 25 years! http://www.worldradiomagazine.com/old_wro/articles/bio/perry/perry.html stealth.lowswr.com Hendrick’s QRP Kits  http://www.qrpkits.com/ Anthony Luscre’s ham radio site with slashed zero fonts http://www.k8zt.com/ The Amsat store is currently down but they have lots of great books. http://www.amsat.org The BEST Butter ever (requires a special trip to […]

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